Separation S.O.S.





Feel like you’re adrift or drowning in a sea of emotional turmoil as you navigate your way through divorce or separation?  

Let us be the life-ring that buoys you up and brings you safely back to shore! 

Separation S.O.S. is a 5-step mentoring program that steers you gently along the road to acceptance.

We can’t promise it will all be plain sailing – but our mindful support will help you survive separation, rediscover yourself and define a positive action plan for the future.

Call Nicola on 0778 9497275 or Steph on 07880798070 to talk about taking the first step forward.


Download Separation S.O.S. info here!


Reasons to reach out to Separation S.O.S. today: 
  • You’re unsure whether you want to separate or divorce
  • You’re partner has left or has told you they want to leave
  • You’re unsure who you can turn to about your relationship
  • You no longer feel you’re in control of your emotions
  • Your separation/divorce is ‘stuck’ in high conflict
  • You don’t know how best to help your children cope
  • You’re confused and overwhelmed by all the legal processes
  • You’re ready to move on and make changes in your life

Here’s what our clients say….

“Thank you for the call, it gave me more strength which I seriously need on a daily basis”

“I honestly don’t know how I would have survived this awful process without your help…”